Undergraduate Psychology Business Through successful Gudeg

What is usually done after the resep cumi goreng tepung ala restoran students graduated from the University? In general they will find work that fits with the science they get in college. In addition to practicing science, they also want to simultaneously follow the career path of many common people.

Different things thus resep gudeg jogja enak done by Jeffrey Sie (33). Holds a Bachelor of psychology from the Maranatha Christian University Bandung, West Java, does not make him interested in becoming a psychologist or to cultivate the fields that correspond to their Department during college. Jeffrey thus chose to do business. A unique business investments are opening gudeg.

Selection of Jeffrey certainly raises a lot of question marks. Understandably, this chubby-bodied man does not have the Java native blood in her body. In addition, he also can't cook gudeg. But Jeffrey still want to never give up.

When SP found on the sidelines of the Festival, traditional Bango 2015 in Yogyakarta, some time ago, Jeffrey tells much about the origins of the business he Gudeg Yu Nap manage since ten years ago. According to him, the idea appeared as he was busy working on a thesis. The abundance of free time she had made her a glance at other ideas to increase activity.

"Happens to be on the side of the House on the Rock area, Bandung, there is an empty plot of land. I thought, why my baseball business Yes? "story.

He also intends to sell something that is not easily replicable. Incidentally, Jeffrey had acquaintances Zaenab, alias Yu Nap, which is good at cooking and even cultivate gudeg. From there, the idea of selling gudeg suddenly appeared in her mind.

"My grandfather and his father Yu Nap used to be equally selling tobacco. In fact, our family to be like sisters. After the tobacco business is unhappy, our relations remain good. So when I want a business, I was immediately reminded of on Yu Nap, "he said.

Gudeg is a dish that takes the process of making a little complicated and long. This is what became the entry point group Jeffrey business. In addition, he assesses, Javanese cuisine always had interest because Javanese people everywhere, including in Bandung place opening effort.

A simple 3 x 3 meter-sized stalls he is open. Only with total cash of Rp 3 million, Jeffrey desperate opening Gudeg Yu Nap. Even so, he remains serious about working on a total of this business.

A few weeks before the stalls opened, he created pamphlets and brochures and regularly membagi-bagikannya to surrounding communities. As a result, while the official stalls opened, animo society is very high. Jeffrey provided only five seats, while the visitors coming to exceed the capacity.

"Even many who bring their own chairs or eat in the car," he recalls.

After a month of running, he first settled directly with renovating the stalls. The number of chairs and tables he added so that visitors can feel more comfortable.

"During the first 3-5 years sales, every good thing, I use it to renovate the stalls and increased capital. To the extent that my parents asked, how much for a long time but the sale of baseball there is a result, "she said while laughing.

Blessing Through Community
Jeffrey also had opened a branch in the area of Trunojoyo, Bandung. The response that he can be very good, but he was forced to close stalls due to constrained by rent spot that swell. Jeffrey any attempt to remain consistent with the region denotes the rock, Bandung and widen the wings through the culinary community that he follow.

One is the community of the silk road that was spearheaded by Bondan Winarno. According to Jeffrey, the happenings of the merger he to the community it was more because he wanted to ask for your feedback and suggestions to the members that he values, critical and sophisticated culinary Affairs.

"I want to control my taste and look for review. So I diligently contacted members of the community to come and I have a sample and then asked for his review. I know they are fussy-fussy for the taste of the food. So I believe its review certainly honest "he said.

Without thought, Jeffrey initiative that got a positive response. His intercourse in communities and virtual worlds bringing blessings to Yu of warm Nap. He got a lot of acquaintances and colleagues recently that helped him advance his business. One of them is the culinary experts such as William Wongso who then recommend Gudeg Yu Nap to participated in the prestigious event World Street Food Congress (WSFC) 2015 in Singapore, some time ago. Jeffrey Yu Gudeg Nap his opened an outlet at the WSFC along three other food peddlers who are invited by Bango soy sauce as sponsor of Indonesia.

Jeffrey claims to be very excited about that opportunity. In addition to event promotion, participation at the WSFC then also introducing gudeg in the eyes of the world. The response of the community any Singapore unpredictably. Gudeg Yu Nap ludas Jeffrey sales only within the next few hours each day.

"From the show, I also learned a lot of things especially for food hygiene. Singapore Government it

Inspiration after Posted Photo Offerings

Cooking is a passion of Rio Fahlevy. In fact, since sitting in 4th grade, her already sells cakes fried, key results of the inventiveness of its cuisine after learned at her mother.

In ORDER to deepen the ability to Cook, in 2011, Rio and migrated to Malaysia. Three years later, Rio returned home and opened a Tavern Dimsum. Not only dimsum, Rio also produces jukut Tinder.

He ate dimsum in Malaysia, making them choose Open Store Dimsum in the land of his birth since October 2014. Today, the Rio does not only open Tavern Dimsum, but also produces Jukut Tinder (typical fish abon Samarinda) and in the near future, rice Offerings would be opened.

"Jukut Tinder it originally because it was asked by a friend, traditional Samarinda what besides amplang? Recently I remember, there were Tinder that could potentially be used as souvenirs. Why is baseball a try? "said male birth Samarinda, June 23, 1989.

Culinary business expansion Rio doesn't stop there only. Jan, he would launch the Rice as offering food truck concept. The reason Rio open Rice Offerings because of quarrels with a former colleague. Rio asks his business logo are left out in order to be immediately removed. However, the former colleagues thus sending offerings (food meant for spirits), which means the request of Rio mocks.

"From that, I can even create a resep dimsum ayam halal food truck want idea with the name Rice Offerings. So, the concept of food that smells so mystical. E.g. sambal ijo chicken rice, I name the Buto Ijo so, "said alumnus Psychology University of Surabaya.

Live culinary efforts there are certainly fond of grief. Yet again, this time many rivals. The obstacles that most noticeably for the Rio is a price fluctuating food resep tahu gejrot pedas raw materials. To minimize this, Rio must be good at choosing stock items for a month.

"Today, the price of fish and chicken right again. If the problem that even business rivals nice. Could spur myself to keep motivated, "Rio imbuh.

ce Hammer Butung Ijo Banana and ice, twin but not same

Makassar is one of the cities in Indonesia which is famous for its delicious cuisine. The food is usually served by this area are the foods with strong spices. However, this area is also rich in foods with sweetness, like banana ice ijo. Who does not know banana ice ijo? Ijo is banana ice drinks resep es pisang ijo asli makasar that became the pride of the community of Makassar. The ice is made from bananas, rice flour, and vla. It tasted very fresh and tasty.

In addition to ice a banana ijo, Makassar also keep other resep es teler istimewa ice variations are no less delicious, namely ice hammer butung. The newest family of ice regional specialties Makassar is made from steamed milk added banana and coconut milk. The taste is fresh and very suitable drink during the day, to drive out thirst or as breaking the fast. Overview of both is the same, but it turns out there is a difference.

The basic materials used both the ice is the same, i.e. plantains or bananas kepok already cooked. Then steamed banana and cut into pieces. Serving it too easy. You just need to set them out on a plate or bowl, then add the vla is made of rice flour. To add a savory flavor, add the syrup and milk. All the process of making both ice is the same, then what difference the ice hammer butung and banana Ice ijo?

The difference is in the wrapper dough skin pisangnya. If banana ice ijo ijo wrapped bundle of colored dough and then steamed, then ice hammer butung not wrapped with dough. That's the reason why ice is named banana ice ijo. Banana wrapping dough ijo is made from rice flour, coconut milk and mixed combinations of the water leaves suji and pandan leaves to give the green color on the dough.

Well, other than that there are still differences between the two typical ice Makassar, on the type of pisangnya. Ijo banana ice usually use banana kepok, while ice hammer butung use plantains. But there is also msyarakat which makes it with both types of bananas. It's not a problem but it seemed to be different and less than perfect. For those of you who want to try make your own icy typical Makassar, following recipes make Banana Ice Ijo and ice Hammer Butung, offered from

Lapis Surabaya Pandan Nutela, able to Snack or Deliveries

resep Lapis surabaya irit telur pandan nutela shape are beautiful and very special aroma. Suitable for a family or snacks as a ratio to the relatives of the family.

Ingredients/spices Lapis Surabaya Pandan Nutela:

Cake Ingredients:

24 egg yolks
2 egg whites
200 grams of sugar-fine sand
85 g flour proteins are
25 g cornflour
30 grams of milk powder
175 g salted butter
150 grams margarine
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon water leaves suji
1/2 teaspoon of pandan paste
2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk white

Ingredients II:

12 egg yolks
1 egg white
100 g granulated sugar
50 g flour proteins are
10 grams cornstarch
85 grams of salt butter
75 g margarine
1 tablespoon instant thick coconut milk
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk white

Brand: Ingredients

150 grams chocolate jam nutela

How to make layered pandan from surabaya nutela:

1. materials I, salted butter and salt resep tiramisu kukus amanda shake 15 minutes until soft. Add water leaves suji, sweetened condensed milk, white pasta and pandan. Beat the averages. Set aside.
2. Beat the egg yolks and granulated sugar until smooth. Add the flour while stirring and sifted.
3. pour the batter into the whisk the butter a bit – a little while stirring slowly. Pour batter into two baking pans 22x22x4 cm dioles paper dialas margarine and bread.
4. The Oven with fire under 190 degrees Celsius temperature for 25 minutes until done.
5. II, make the Cake the same way on one baking sheet. Take a piece of cake pandan. Apply jam Nutela. Cover with white cake. Apply Nutela again. Cover again with pandan cake. Compress.

Fish Fry and Lambak Gurame Balado Fondness People Jambi

The cottage-style culinary ' kampung ' resep ikan asam manis sederhana makin mushrooming in Jambi. Order tables, chairs, bamboo and saung-saung is believed able to present little tranquility while dining.

One place the new dining concept ' kampung ' also exists in jalan Sultan Agung, the pure, the town of Jambi, right in front of Bank Muamalat, Cottage name Princess.

Daisy Cottage owners Aryanti Princes not only resep lontong sayur betawi offers a comfortable place to dine, but also feature the typical menu of Palembang-Jambi are tasty to be enjoyed.

Not a stranger to the culinary Explorer, if typical menus have spiced the Jambi durian are legendary, Yes, tempoyak.

The menu is typical durian flavored with the taste sour, spicy, sweet, savory, this you can find in the Princess.

"We have tempoyak ikan baung, catfish, toman and laish," said Desi. You who like soy and Coconut Curry fish baung can also order it here.

If you are observant, tempoyak pace a little different from the typical Desi Jambi. Sweet taste is not as strong as tempoyak Jambi. Desi said, this is what distinguishes the typical culinary of Jambi with Palembang.

In addition, tempoyak in Pondon Princess you can select various menus that may be your favorite.

Never eat fish fry lambak? Keep the flesh taste craving savoury and kriuk?

No need to bother looking into culinary menjajakannya where you can ask Desi to compile.

In about 15 minutes, the fish lambak nan savory will terhidang on the table and ready to be eaten.

Princess lodges also have crispy fried chicken. It tastes better eaten with sambal terasi cocolan. Taste crisp Ayam will mix perfectly with spicy and fresh sambal terasi.

Fried Catfish it's common menu is served Brasserie, restaurant, food court even culinary Publisher outskirts also joined menyuguhkannya. But what about the crispy catfish?

Those of you who have never tried what it was like crispy catfish can be tasted in the Princess.

Wrap a flour wrap meat catfish feels crisp and savory. This catfish served with chilli shrimp paste that tastes slightly sweet and spicy.

In addition to these menus, you can also order other menu that is already common as gurame oyster sauce, chili sauce, ijo gurame shrimp pete, cah stir-fried bean sprouts, stockfish, vegetable asem, bone soup and lots more menu.

There's corn fritters, vegetable fritter or rissole can enjoy as relaxing peneman, while sipping hot cappucino or ice cappucino.

You can come here start at 10:00 until 22:00. A lot of table or can be selected as saung place relax or dine.

Reserved price You don't have to worry, because the price is very affordable, although given your bags again kurung cekak.
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