Fish Fry and Lambak Gurame Balado Fondness People Jambi

The cottage-style culinary ' kampung ' resep ikan asam manis sederhana makin mushrooming in Jambi. Order tables, chairs, bamboo and saung-saung is believed able to present little tranquility while dining.

One place the new dining concept ' kampung ' also exists in jalan Sultan Agung, the pure, the town of Jambi, right in front of Bank Muamalat, Cottage name Princess.

Daisy Cottage owners Aryanti Princes not only resep lontong sayur betawi offers a comfortable place to dine, but also feature the typical menu of Palembang-Jambi are tasty to be enjoyed.

Not a stranger to the culinary Explorer, if typical menus have spiced the Jambi durian are legendary, Yes, tempoyak.

The menu is typical durian flavored with the taste sour, spicy, sweet, savory, this you can find in the Princess.

"We have tempoyak ikan baung, catfish, toman and laish," said Desi. You who like soy and Coconut Curry fish baung can also order it here.

If you are observant, tempoyak pace a little different from the typical Desi Jambi. Sweet taste is not as strong as tempoyak Jambi. Desi said, this is what distinguishes the typical culinary of Jambi with Palembang.

In addition, tempoyak in Pondon Princess you can select various menus that may be your favorite.

Never eat fish fry lambak? Keep the flesh taste craving savoury and kriuk?

No need to bother looking into culinary menjajakannya where you can ask Desi to compile.

In about 15 minutes, the fish lambak nan savory will terhidang on the table and ready to be eaten.

Princess lodges also have crispy fried chicken. It tastes better eaten with sambal terasi cocolan. Taste crisp Ayam will mix perfectly with spicy and fresh sambal terasi.

Fried Catfish it's common menu is served Brasserie, restaurant, food court even culinary Publisher outskirts also joined menyuguhkannya. But what about the crispy catfish?

Those of you who have never tried what it was like crispy catfish can be tasted in the Princess.

Wrap a flour wrap meat catfish feels crisp and savory. This catfish served with chilli shrimp paste that tastes slightly sweet and spicy.

In addition to these menus, you can also order other menu that is already common as gurame oyster sauce, chili sauce, ijo gurame shrimp pete, cah stir-fried bean sprouts, stockfish, vegetable asem, bone soup and lots more menu.

There's corn fritters, vegetable fritter or rissole can enjoy as relaxing peneman, while sipping hot cappucino or ice cappucino.

You can come here start at 10:00 until 22:00. A lot of table or can be selected as saung place relax or dine.

Reserved price You don't have to worry, because the price is very affordable, although given your bags again kurung cekak.

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