Lapis Surabaya Pandan Nutela, able to Snack or Deliveries

resep Lapis surabaya irit telur pandan nutela shape are beautiful and very special aroma. Suitable for a family or snacks as a ratio to the relatives of the family.

Ingredients/spices Lapis Surabaya Pandan Nutela:

Cake Ingredients:

24 egg yolks
2 egg whites
200 grams of sugar-fine sand
85 g flour proteins are
25 g cornflour
30 grams of milk powder
175 g salted butter
150 grams margarine
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon water leaves suji
1/2 teaspoon of pandan paste
2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk white

Ingredients II:

12 egg yolks
1 egg white
100 g granulated sugar
50 g flour proteins are
10 grams cornstarch
85 grams of salt butter
75 g margarine
1 tablespoon instant thick coconut milk
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk white

Brand: Ingredients

150 grams chocolate jam nutela

How to make layered pandan from surabaya nutela:

1. materials I, salted butter and salt resep tiramisu kukus amanda shake 15 minutes until soft. Add water leaves suji, sweetened condensed milk, white pasta and pandan. Beat the averages. Set aside.
2. Beat the egg yolks and granulated sugar until smooth. Add the flour while stirring and sifted.
3. pour the batter into the whisk the butter a bit – a little while stirring slowly. Pour batter into two baking pans 22x22x4 cm dioles paper dialas margarine and bread.
4. The Oven with fire under 190 degrees Celsius temperature for 25 minutes until done.
5. II, make the Cake the same way on one baking sheet. Take a piece of cake pandan. Apply jam Nutela. Cover with white cake. Apply Nutela again. Cover again with pandan cake. Compress.

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