ce Hammer Butung Ijo Banana and ice, twin but not same

Makassar is one of the cities in Indonesia which is famous for its delicious cuisine. The food is usually served by this area are the foods with strong spices. However, this area is also rich in foods with sweetness, like banana ice ijo. Who does not know banana ice ijo? Ijo is banana ice drinks resep es pisang ijo asli makasar that became the pride of the community of Makassar. The ice is made from bananas, rice flour, and vla. It tasted very fresh and tasty.

In addition to ice a banana ijo, Makassar also keep other resep es teler istimewa ice variations are no less delicious, namely ice hammer butung. The newest family of ice regional specialties Makassar is made from steamed milk added banana and coconut milk. The taste is fresh and very suitable drink during the day, to drive out thirst or as breaking the fast. Overview of both is the same, but it turns out there is a difference.

The basic materials used both the ice is the same, i.e. plantains or bananas kepok already cooked. Then steamed banana and cut into pieces. Serving it too easy. You just need to set them out on a plate or bowl, then add the vla is made of rice flour. To add a savory flavor, add the syrup and milk. All the process of making both ice is the same, then what difference the ice hammer butung and banana Ice ijo?

The difference is in the wrapper dough skin pisangnya. If banana ice ijo ijo wrapped bundle of colored dough and then steamed, then ice hammer butung not wrapped with dough. That's the reason why ice is named banana ice ijo. Banana wrapping dough ijo is made from rice flour, coconut milk and mixed combinations of the water leaves suji and pandan leaves to give the green color on the dough.

Well, other than that there are still differences between the two typical ice Makassar, on the type of pisangnya. Ijo banana ice usually use banana kepok, while ice hammer butung use plantains. But there is also msyarakat which makes it with both types of bananas. It's not a problem but it seemed to be different and less than perfect. For those of you who want to try make your own icy typical Makassar, following recipes make Banana Ice Ijo and ice Hammer Butung, offered from

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