Undergraduate Psychology Business Through successful Gudeg

What is usually done after the resep cumi goreng tepung ala restoran students graduated from the University? In general they will find work that fits with the science they get in college. In addition to practicing science, they also want to simultaneously follow the career path of many common people.

Different things thus resep gudeg jogja enak done by Jeffrey Sie (33). Holds a Bachelor of psychology from the Maranatha Christian University Bandung, West Java, does not make him interested in becoming a psychologist or to cultivate the fields that correspond to their Department during college. Jeffrey thus chose to do business. A unique business investments are opening gudeg.

Selection of Jeffrey certainly raises a lot of question marks. Understandably, this chubby-bodied man does not have the Java native blood in her body. In addition, he also can't cook gudeg. But Jeffrey still want to never give up.

When SP found on the sidelines of the Festival, traditional Bango 2015 in Yogyakarta, some time ago, Jeffrey tells much about the origins of the business he Gudeg Yu Nap manage since ten years ago. According to him, the idea appeared as he was busy working on a thesis. The abundance of free time she had made her a glance at other ideas to increase activity.

"Happens to be on the side of the House on the Rock area, Bandung, there is an empty plot of land. I thought, why my baseball business Yes? "story.

He also intends to sell something that is not easily replicable. Incidentally, Jeffrey had acquaintances Zaenab, alias Yu Nap, which is good at cooking and even cultivate gudeg. From there, the idea of selling gudeg suddenly appeared in her mind.

"My grandfather and his father Yu Nap used to be equally selling tobacco. In fact, our family to be like sisters. After the tobacco business is unhappy, our relations remain good. So when I want a business, I was immediately reminded of on Yu Nap, "he said.

Gudeg is a dish that takes the process of making a little complicated and long. This is what became the entry point group Jeffrey business. In addition, he assesses, Javanese cuisine always had interest because Javanese people everywhere, including in Bandung place opening effort.

A simple 3 x 3 meter-sized stalls he is open. Only with total cash of Rp 3 million, Jeffrey desperate opening Gudeg Yu Nap. Even so, he remains serious about working on a total of this business.

A few weeks before the stalls opened, he created pamphlets and brochures and regularly membagi-bagikannya to surrounding communities. As a result, while the official stalls opened, animo society is very high. Jeffrey provided only five seats, while the visitors coming to exceed the capacity.

"Even many who bring their own chairs or eat in the car," he recalls.

After a month of running, he first settled directly with renovating the stalls. The number of chairs and tables he added so that visitors can feel more comfortable.

"During the first 3-5 years sales, every good thing, I use it to renovate the stalls and increased capital. To the extent that my parents asked, how much for a long time but the sale of baseball there is a result, "she said while laughing.

Blessing Through Community
Jeffrey also had opened a branch in the area of Trunojoyo, Bandung. The response that he can be very good, but he was forced to close stalls due to constrained by rent spot that swell. Jeffrey any attempt to remain consistent with the region denotes the rock, Bandung and widen the wings through the culinary community that he follow.

One is the community of the silk road that was spearheaded by Bondan Winarno. According to Jeffrey, the happenings of the merger he to the community it was more because he wanted to ask for your feedback and suggestions to the members that he values, critical and sophisticated culinary Affairs.

"I want to control my taste and look for review. So I diligently contacted members of the community to come and I have a sample and then asked for his review. I know they are fussy-fussy for the taste of the food. So I believe its review certainly honest "he said.

Without thought, Jeffrey initiative that got a positive response. His intercourse in communities and virtual worlds bringing blessings to Yu of warm Nap. He got a lot of acquaintances and colleagues recently that helped him advance his business. One of them is the culinary experts such as William Wongso who then recommend Gudeg Yu Nap to participated in the prestigious event World Street Food Congress (WSFC) 2015 in Singapore, some time ago. Jeffrey Yu Gudeg Nap his opened an outlet at the WSFC along three other food peddlers who are invited by Bango soy sauce as sponsor of Indonesia.

Jeffrey claims to be very excited about that opportunity. In addition to event promotion, participation at the WSFC then also introducing gudeg in the eyes of the world. The response of the community any Singapore unpredictably. Gudeg Yu Nap ludas Jeffrey sales only within the next few hours each day.

"From the show, I also learned a lot of things especially for food hygiene. Singapore Government it

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